Friday, July 8, 2016

Nails, Jeans, Mustard Seed, & Blood, Oh My!

Didn't get much sleep last night.  I would watch some Criminal Minds, doze off and then watch some Gilmore Girls, and then doze off again.  It was pretty ridiculous.  My insomnia I get from all the weird collection of meds I am on with my Stage IV cancer meds is driving me crazy.  I finally decided to get up off my butt and put on some super rad Jamberry nails from my serious Jamberry addiction.  Have any of you seen my collection?????  It is kinda embarrassing.  Well, not really embarrassing, I don't get embarrassed, but it is definitely out of control.  I loved how it turned out. 

I love Bohemian style!!!

Remember how I blabbed on how I need someone to take Carlie jean shopping.  Well, I figured we would give it a whirl.  So I let Carlie pick a lunch place  - Mustard Seed Asian Cafe.  This is the 2nd time I have let someone talk me into this place and I just do NOT get it.  NOT BUENO!  Does anyone actually think this is good Asian Bistro?  Seriously try to convince me - I JUST DON'T GET IT!  Anyways, Carlie loves it because she love Shrimp Pad Thai.   

See that happy face...can't resist it!

First of all, I am sorry MOM!!!  Jean shopping for a grumpy, moody, LONG-legged (seriously my inseam didn't even exist back when I was a teenager - I am not joking or exaggeration) SUCKS!!!  And then I expected her to hand me everything off the hanger and them put it back on.  

WOW - spoiled to the extreme.  But, in my head I am thinking anything that gets us through this experience any faster is worth it to me.  Then it is even worse, I get to the point that I don't care what the price is as long as we find something.  

Well, she is a lucky girl and got her "first" expensive jeans and jeans capris.  I hope she appreciates this....she probably doesn't (but I do he...he....he....he....)  I am so twisted.  So after we got that far I was SO TIRED and in way too much pain we had to leave.  Thank goodness Corey's mom was there to chauffeur us around or we would have NEVER made it.  And to end the madness I bought her a Orange Julius because for some crazy reason I thought her behavior was pretty fantastic.  I am a bad mom.  So progress made OR just one huge step backward for young teens everywhere....not sure.
    By the time we got home I couldn't walk.  This seems stupid since I was in a wheelchair the whole time.  This also worries me.  Please pray for me, I seem to be going downhill faster than I thought I would.  

I crawled immediately into bed and had my husband help me with my StoryCorps Program.  I told 40 minutes of stories from my childhood and I guess it was successful because he told me he had not heard A LOT of them cool dat!  

Time for me to be gross again.  I haven't done that in
awhile, I know you have missed it.  I was kind to the newbies andidn't post the tampon nose or the blood that had dripped all over the bathroom.

Then I proceeded to have an hour bloody nose that ended up needing a tampon.  Man the tampon trick really work.

I am now so tired and frustrated and sad and worried and anxious about the downfall of my body I am just going to have to finish the post tomorrow.  I just can't finish.  I am going to be a quitter.

Love you my peeps!!
- Gina the sometimes not so awesome but forced into quitting girl

*** Got up this morning way to early and I am now torturing my children with very normal chores.  You would think I was the most evil mom in the world...oh well...maybe I am.  But, I really am trying to not leave bratty children behind that the rest of the world would have to endure and put up with.  So, you are welcome.

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  1. Gina, sounds like a trying day. I'm sorry you dont like Mustard Seed. Used to love that place Chicken Osaka and chocolate mousse pie, yum. Hey, back when it was more sit-down restaurant went to my high school dance dinner there once. Dan B was my date. Hellgate Knights. You need to plan for your kids to go to HELLGATE High!! Bloody tissue looks very pink and not too gross. Miss you and thanks for the post. Corey looks very attentive and official with the clipboard. Will pray specifically for you to get some sleep. Enjoy Glacier. Nissa


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